Marketing Coordinator

July 5, 2024
$4000 - $5000 / month
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Job Description

The Marketing Coordinator for [Soccer Team Name] plays a crucial role in supporting the marketing department’s initiatives by planning, executing, and tracking marketing programs. Reporting to the Marketing Manager, this position involves collaborating to develop promotional strategies, coordinate events, and manage digital content to enhance the team’s brand and engage with our fan base.

In terms of marketing campaigns, the coordinator assists in the development and implementation of strategies to promote games, events, and team merchandise. This involves working closely with designers, writers, and other stakeholders to produce high-quality promotional materials, as well as monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of these campaigns to ensure they meet their objectives.

Content creation and management is another key aspect of this role. The coordinator is responsible for generating and managing content across the team’s social media platforms, website, and email newsletters. This includes ensuring that all content aligns with the team’s brand and marketing goals, engaging with fans, and responding to comments and messages on social media.

Event coordination is a significant part of the job, with responsibilities including planning and executing promotional events like fan meet-and-greets, game-day activities, and community outreach programs. This entails coordinating logistics, managing vendors, and ensuring smooth on-site execution. Additionally, the coordinator tracks the success of these events and gathers feedback to improve future initiatives.